Our preschool ministry is designed for your child to see and feel the love of God in a safe, fun, and creative way! We want your preschooler to have a great experience so they will want to come back and allow you to be able enjoy your time in worship without any worry!

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Each preschool classroom is staffed with caring volunteers that nurture every child while looking out for their safety and well-being. Separate classrooms are provided for babies, 1 year old's, 2 year old's, 3 year old's, and 4-5 year old's.

In the classrooms, your child can expect the following:

  • An interactive and age-appropriate Bible story
  • A fun craft that goes along with the story
  • Interaction with their fellow preschoolers through games, activities, or playing on the playground
  • A delicious snack alongside a video

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We strive to create a safe environment for our children. To help make this happen, we have established a check-in process to ensure that your child can only be picked up by yourself or an adult you have designated.

In our cafe, we have a check-in kiosk designed to register your child in our system, that will be used to check them in each week. Upon being checked in, a name tag will be printed to give to your preschooler, and one will be printed to give to you, the parent. Both tags have a matching code used to make sure the preschoolers go home with the right adult!

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We seek to introduce our preschoolers to our amazing God through 3 important principles:

  1. God made me
  2. God loves me
  3. Jesus wants to be my friend forever

We have taken many steps to ensure that your child is safe while you are in the worship service:

  • Great volunteer workers who love children and want to help them see the love of Jesus
  • Video system that will allow you to view your child in their classroom from the hallway
  • Multiple volunteer workers in each classroom
  • Each volunteer worker has an up-to-date background check
  • Preschool Director or a Ministry staff person walking down halls in both services

If you have any concerns please let the preschool director or a staff member know!