Jesse and Melissa

Preschool Directors

Jesse, a Pennsylvania native and Melissa, a Florida native, began attending Canopy Roads in 2010 with their two daughters. They joined the Next Generation Ministries team in July of 2021 as the Canopy Kidz Preschool Directors. Jesse became a Christ follower in December of 2020 and has been on mission since then to serve the Lord and Canopy Roads Baptist Church. He is a Registered Nurse and is currently the IT Manager for a local healthcare organization. Melissa's preschool ministry work began in her teen years at her childhood church home where she directed the children’s church for seven years. Melissa earned a PhD in Early Childhood Development from Wayne State University and currently holds a position in Executive Management at a local child-focused nonprofit agency. Melissa’s personal, spiritual, and professional focus is the well-being, education, and spiritual development of young children and their families.


Hobbies and Interest: Reading, working on home renovation projects, woodworking and biking.

Favorite Thing To Do In Tallahassee: Hanging out with family anywhere in Tallahassee.

Favorite Bible Verse:  2 Peter 3:9


Hobbies and Interests: Going to the beach, hiking, watching movies with family

Favorite Thing to Do in Tallahassee: Parks, hiking trails

Favorite Bible Verse: Philippians 4:13